Hot off the heels of last week’s huge announcement that The American Nightmare Cody will face Will Ospreay in singles competition at Fight Forever Wrestling’s debut show Phenomena, we are excited to reveal a second match for the show, which came at the request of Miss Priestley herself.

In an online message to Fight Forever Wrestling management, Bea Priestley wrote “It’s Will vs Cody that night, my partner vs hers. It’s time that me and Will show everyone who the real power couple in wrestling really are. Will is gonna defeat Cody, and I’m gonna put little Brandi in her place. Make the match.”

Bea Priestley, with an impressive background and fierce reputation in the ring, is one of the most experienced and dangerous women in wrestling. Brandi Rhodes, with less matches under her belt will see this as a very difficult challenge.

Can The Bullet Queen rise to the occasion? What will transpire on the 6th December? Which of these two women will have their arm raised? Get your tickets now to see Phenomena at PRYZM Nightclub in Birmingham.